About Us

Merry Hearts Foundation's main objective is to provide assistance in the form of a scholarship, healthcare, and charity to students in need, while promoting an environment of encouragement to let the students know and understand that they are of value not only to their family and school, but to their nation and the global arena.

We recognize that in a world where everything revolves around money, too many talented and motivated students are cheated out of a quality education because of their families inability to meet the financial obligations of sending a child to school. As such, the child is denied the opportunity to compete on a national or global level for employment opportunities and/or social and political involvement. On a daily basis, due to lack of education, too many of our talented youths are being denied a chance to achieve their dreams. Internationally, we support children in orphanages, local schools, and hospitals. Nationally, MHF support children in local areas through partnerships with youth organizations and outreach.

Merry Hearts

Merry hearts provides support in the form of scholarship to underprivileged youth across the globe.


WeDesign is a STEM initiative to encourage youth to explore the various fields in science and technology.


Healthy-You provides youth with important information regarding self care and personal hygiene.

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MHF is teaming up with CYC to support our local youth!
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